AI is rather quickly & elegantly providing    solutions for many of the world's problems from health care, medicine to finance & cyber security. DeZaView helps unravel & demystify the elusive AI algorithms & AI processes behind the systems



Every product has a story to tell. DeZaView’s mission is to craft powerful

content and ensure that the story behind your product and processes are well understood by your audience.. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Privacy-Preserving Data Exchange, AI for Health -we have worked on all areas and are ready for new ones.

From technical content, to blogs, to white papers, and online TV channels – the DeZaView team covers them all. 

Advising on Product Strategy is another key area. Currently, DeZaView is leading the Product Strategy and Marketing Requirements for (a non-profit running out of the Silicon Valley)

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Responsible use of data to address the world's biggest challenges -Privacy-Preserving Data Exchange Standards

As we look back, it seems a pandemic like Covid-19 was staring at us in our faces - almost testing our abilities to respond quickly and in a coherent manner.

There is a need to develop data exchange standards that are privacy-preserving, risk aware and designed in a way that they can deliver mobile data insights at scale. We need to think of new standards to help the world react to crises throughout the next decade and beyond. Developing a standardized approach could unlock great potential.  

In this paper we describe the mechanism for privacy-preserving date exchange for societal good.


The framework proposed was developed on the basis of three key considerations: security, privacy and risk. It is aimed to make the solution privacy-friendly and risk averse to avoid any conflict between the interest of the government and the citizens. A secure and privacy-friendly solution would safeguard the personal data of the citizens and the risk-awareness of it would identify the practical models of operation for the governments.



AI for Health: Global Opportunity for Data Transparent Health Ecosystem

The problems in health are too big and the potential AI offers is too enticing to not try. It is not easy; but definitely not impossible to achieve.


Healthcare will benefit from innovative digitization with an economic model built around data and services. No longer can we say, that we tried everything to help the patients and the underprivileged. The time to do this is now. In today’s interconnected world, the emerging economies that adopt AI for Health will be at the forefront of transforming health for the whole world.

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AI Unbound Channel


mPrivacy Framework

Currently, responsible for the product strategy of the mPrivacy framework. 


A rapid data exchange helps in building mathematical models which in turn optimizes the effectiveness of the response by health authorities. AI is as good as the data it learns from. All this makes data the most important factor in building a machine learning model. When models are built using data that covers a large population (feature phones and smartphones), the model is likely to be more effective. 


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DeZaView, CEO & Founder

Alka Asthana (CEO, works at the intersection of AI Strategy and AI Content. Her focus is on an AI that can deliver, perform, sustain and endure the written and unwritten social contracts with all stakeholders. The challenge for AI is that it appears to be a black-box; key is to explain it well and this fear would vanish.

Alka is working at on setting standards for data exchange in a privacy preserving & risk aware manner. She is associated with AISquare for Covid-19 in various capacity. She has published papers on AI + Health and has written White Papers and blogs on topics like Predictive Analytics and Big Data .


Prior to DeZaView, she worked as Director Product Strategy (HCM) at Oracle (Redwood Shores, California) where her focus was on building the new Fusion HCM product and she was responsible for its primary rollout.


Supporting communities is a theme close to Alka’s heart. She co-founded a skills-based company DeZaView Skill Smart in Mumbai that provides training to the unemployed youth in India. Annually, DeZaView trains about 800 youth from low-income families in skills such as electrician, mobile repair, CNC machining, home electronic devices and retail sales. About 70% get placed in organizations (like L&T, Godrej, RBI, Siemens, Reliance Industries) every year.





Artificial Intelligence, 

Machine Learning,

AI for Health,

Privacy-Preserving Data exchange: We find them all intriguing.

AI can be a lot of fun, if you would but just allow it to be. Fun ... Really?  

We host an online TV channel: AI Unbound. We simply love to tell a little story about how it all came about.


We were thinking of a name for this channel. As Alka was driving one day, she happened to listen to  Eric Clapton’s  album Unplugged. It then struck her: just as the album was Unplugged this channel could be Unbound.

Unplugged because of acoustic music and Unbound because AI is boundless.


We happily acknowledges this inspiration and thank the phenomenal Mr. Clapton profusely

What's Ultimately Important?

An Ethical AI with Integrity 

An Inclusive AI free of prejudices & biases & completely trustworthy


An all embracing AI with  an essence of diversity

A pervasive AI for societal good that solves  the most critical problems facing the world

An AI that works for us all


That's  the only way forward!

Machines are learning from the historical data patterns.

Unless explicitly guarded, it would be very easy for the algorithms to reflect these biases.

It took society a long time to overcome such biases & honestly it is still Work In Progress.

It is famously said that ethics cannot be coded; however machines can be trained to maintain ethics & integrity.




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